Welcome Diva, to Bess Dress Boutique where we provide dresses for mature women, with flattering fits for full-figured women suitable for party occasions. We cater to curvy fashion sizes ranging from 1X to 6X.

Bess Dress Boutique was created to make the boringness nature of plus size outfits for full-figured mature women into something stylish that accurate your curves.

Ladies when it comes to mature dating, curvy plus size party dresses, or a Christmas party dress. The first thing I say is what am I going to wear.In my city Las Vegas Nevada the City of lights camera action there’s always a hunt for a cocktail dress for mature women.

So Divas don’t let a big belly, wide hips, or large boobs stop you from having a good time. I’m going to share with you some wisdom I have gained as a full-figured mature woman myself, Our cocktail dresses for mature women will disguise problem areas, flattering your lovely curves, and get you on your way to making that amazing, attention-grabbing entrance at all your events.



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