When we talk about plus-size fashion, it can be hard to decide what side you are on. You either feel like the label should expand past just clothes and include all types of bodies or that there is nothing wrong with some people being labeled “plus size.” The plus size market is more popular than ever and it’s not because of changes in demographics, but rather how women are using their power to demand clothing that will fit.

The high street has been undergoing a retail revolution as the plus size clothing market continues to grow. Brands such as H&M, Nike and Anthropologie have all extended their foothold in this booming industry by extending into online sales of larger fashion items that are still on trend with what is currently being sold in stores. This should come without surprise for retailers who recognize how much demand there is from consumers looking for clothes that will fit them right off the rack – but it’s exciting news nonetheless!

In the plus size fashion industry, models are typically of smaller sizes. They do not accurately portray what it is like to be “plus-sized.” By using both conventional and larger sized models for your campaigns, you can offer more inclusive options that better reflect your customer base as well as explore new avenues in marketing strategies.

The future for the plus size community is looking a lot brighter. In an effort to be more inclusive, designers and retailers are starting to include clothes that cater specifically toward curvier bodies in their collections.

Plus size ranges are in high demand and the increase of online shopping habits is making that abundantly clear. The ability to order garments from your own home means more accurate measurements for retailers who want to offer their plus size range, which will speak volumes about how much people really crave something new.

It has been said before: fashion trends start at the high street level and eventually make it up on the catwalk—but when was this ever true with regards to sizes? Fashionistas across all spectrums of body shapes have finally seen some progress as major brands like ASOS now offer extended sizing options from small all the way up to XXL!

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