March is here; it’s officially pool season! Soon we’ll be setting our clocks back for longer days, BBQ’s outdoors, and fun in the sun. Welcome Spring! Meaning “Spring Curvy Beachwear Hunting Season!” Plan on making a curvy girl splash for spring break this season, from pool parties, to swimming at the beach, or just basking in the sun! Then you know it’s hunting season for plus sized, head turning, curvy women fashion swimwear! I’m not getting any smaller, and as maturity sets in (and all the Valentine’s sweets I ate), the boobs, muffin top, and thighs aren’t going anywhere. I see them every time I look in the mirror, but I can’t dwell on it. So, I might as well embrace it!

     Thank you to Ashley Graham! After she posed for a plus size swimsuit advertising, and appeared in Sports Illustrated in 2015, curvy beachwear is more trendy, sexy, and with more modern styles, fresh patterns, vibrant colors, and designed with the same technology that incorporates power-stretch lining, for smoothing, and contouring.

     I’m not going to let my belly and boobs stop me from having a good time! And since popping into the doc’s office for a tummy tuck just isn’t practical for me, I’m going to share with you some of the wisdom I have gained as a mature, full-figured woman myself. Some tips to guide you to figure-flattering swimsuits for your body type, and tricks to find swimwear with shaping details that work for your body shape.

  • “How about them Hips”; When gearing up for the hunt (shopping), and your hips are on your mind, some things to consider. If your wanting to de-emphasize your lower body try a bikini with a solid color bottom and a printed top, or a one-piece swimsuit with high-cut legs. Stay away from bold colors as they tend to emphasize your hips. If your body type is a triangular geometric style, try floral prints with a push-up bra to balance your lower half. If you’re doing the opposite and want to enhance your hips, consider bikini bottoms in lighter colors than the top, or choose a halter-top bikini with adjustable side ties, or embellished bottoms to add volume to your bottoms! This works for an inverted triangular body shape too.
  • “Let talk about the boobs”; Gearing up for a girl fight? First things first, take a measurement of your boobs, and keep them handy. Then, when your shopping read the tags often, the sizing charts for your boobs are in bra sizes. As curvy plus size fashion designers emerge, they are using the same technologies as applied to shapewear. There’s a wide selection of swimsuits and bikini tops with underwire bras for lifting, strategic necklines, and seaming details to enhance, and conceal.
  • “The Sushi Roll, AKA, The Big Belly”; All I have to say is, consider swimwear that de-emphasize your midsection, and puts more emphasizes on your hips to go. Stay away from curvy beachwear without shaping details! You’re looking for help concealing your midsection. Look for curvy swimwear with crisscross bust, and runching details throughout the midsection, to create curves and give the stomach a flatter appearance.

          Whichever tips, or tricks you choose to go with, they should always be something you are comfortable with. The first, best and biggest part of looking beautiful, is feeling beautiful. Try something new and adventurous this summer! As mature women, we are complex and multi-faceted, and we should let it show.  Ladies do your research. “The Art of Dressing Curves” by Susan Moses is a must have! And slay your Curvy plus size fashion.

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